Episode 1 - Clank!

Season 1 is now live!

Hello, neighbor! Welcome to TableTanked, a sober take on teaching board games. Each episode features a different game from start to finish in less than 30 minutes, teaching rules as we play and drink (and drink) along. All games are appropriate for players and drinkers alike of all skill and sobriety levels. If I can teach these games tanked, you and your friends can play them.

Each season, new episodes release on TableTanked Tuesday, the third Tuesday of month, at Happy Hour (4PM Central).

Season 1 Episodes

Available on the VStheUNIVERSE channel.

  • Jul 17 - Clank!
  • Aug 21 - Mountains Of Madness
  • Sep 18 - Downforce
  • Oct 16 - Colt Express
  • Nov 20 - Vault Wars
  • Dec 18 - Burgle Bros